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Zumex Versatile Pro All-in-One Commercial Juicer (Orange, Silver, Graphite)

Zumex Versatile All-in-One
$ 7,770.00

Integrated high capacity feeder.
3 Colors Available: 
      o Silver 
      o Graphite
      o Orange
Integrated peel buckets.
Very light podium with an elegant design. Includes an
    integrated waste trolley, up to 115 lb of waste.
Intuitive “Touch Control” digital display.
Total and partial orange counter.
Language settings (23 languages).
2 Operating modes:
      o Self-Service mode: press the tap for the juice to fall
          directly into the glass or jug.
      o Professional mode: program and squeeze the exact
          number of pieces without having to press the tap.
                  For this, the tap must be in the continuous service
Self-Service anti-drip tap with lock for use in
   continuous mode.