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Zumex Multifruit Commercial Centrifugal

Zumex Multifruit
$ 2,690.00

Latest Brushless generation engine.
5 Colors Available:
       o Black, Cherry, Graphite, Silver, White 
Speed Control System: it maintains a constant speed
    providing more power when necessary.
Speed selector: 2 speeds to adapt the power to the
    hardness of the fruit and vegetables.
Maximum performance with its 3500 rpm and 4500 rpm.
Very silent (less than 70 dB) and stable, thanks to its
    Silent-Block antivibration system.
Position 0: permits saving energy, by putting the juicer
    on Stand-by while it is not in use
Ergonomic Pusher and a broad opening of up to 75 mm
    for all types of fruit and vegetables.
Non-drip rotating tap and new removable tray, with
    optimized design, a cleaner way of collecting the drops.
Filter-grating disc unit that can be removed without
    using tools, center design for efficient centrifuge and
Integrated large capacity waste bucket 13 L (3.43 gal.)
Pulp-free high quality juice in 5 seconds.