Globe 4" Manually Operated Single Mold Patty Press

$ 263.00

Standard Features
• Press dish forms 4" diameter (PP4) or 5" diameter
(PP5) patty
• Rugged anodized aluminum base with stainless
  press bowl and press plate
• Heavy-duty, single-level press handle
• Detachable wax paper divider holder
• Compact ergonomic design, stores easily on
  countertop or in a cabinet
• Manually operated
Standard Accessories
• 500 count round wax paper patty dividers
• One-year replacement warranty
  or general/limited replacement parts
Optional Accessories/Attachments
• Conversion kits
- Change between 4" and 5" diameter patties on
   either model
• 5,000 count wax paper patty dividers