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Globe 3850N 13"- 2-Speed Premium Heavy-Duty Automatic Meat Slicer

$ 6,167.00

Standard Features
Premium Construction
• 13" PreciseEdge™ hardened steel alloy knife blade with
maximum tip-edge-holding ability
• Stainless steel construction with superior corrosion
resistance against acids found in fruit, meats & vegetables
• Best of the Best, EZ-Glide™ slice system
• No-drip base with Marine edge — 1/2" to 3/4" wide and
indented areas with 3/16" deep radiused transition and
3/16" deep internal coved corners — redirects liquid to
center of base away from controls and operator
• 2° angled drip groove on slicer table directs liquid flow to
• Precise slice-thickness adjustment, one-piece handle,
gear driven and gasket-sealed
• Carriage angle: 45°, full gravity feed
• 12" long chute with 3 lb. stainless steel end weight
• Powerful 1/2 HP, 7 amp continuous use motor
• High-performance gear knife drive
• Maintenance-free drive system
• No voltage release prevents inadvertent reactivation of
slicer in the event of power or interlock interruption
• Permanently attached knife blade ring guard with
removable cover and deflector
• Knife cover interlock prevents slicer from operating without
the knife cover in place
• Knife sharpening system is removable and BPA Free (nobisphenol-
A), immersible, and dishmachine-safe for
cleaning and sanitizing
• Touch pad start/stop controls, power indicator light
• Ergonomic low-profile design reduces operator fatigue
• Dual arm lift lever for cleaning and sanitizing under slicer
Standard Features
Food Zone
• Large stainless steel radii, open space base design
for cleaning and simple dismantling of components
• Knife sharpening system is removable and BPA Free
(no-bisphenol-A), immersible, and dishmachine-safe
for cleaning and sanitizing
• Moisture proof, easy-to-clean direct contact start/stop
touchpad controls
• Sealed splash zones for added sanitation and
protection of electronics
• 15-year warranty on knife drive gears
• Two year parts, one year labor