Globe 14" x 10" Mid-Size Electric Sandwich Grills

$ 683.00

  GSG1410-C Sandwich grill — Smooth plates
Standard Features
• Large 14.5" wide cooking surface
• Heavy duty, seasoned, cast iron grill plates
• Stainless steel construction
• Stainless steel tube protects wires from damage
• Durable spring hinge with adjustable tension
• Temperature thermostatically controlled
  from 220°F to 570°F
• 1800w, 120v/15amps
• Heats to and maintains selected temperature,
  ensuring even heating and thorough cooking
  (allow 15-30 mins. to heat before grilling)
  - Initial heat up times: 300°F - 15 minutes
  400°F - 20 minutes
  500°F - 30 minutes
• Attached 4-foot power cord and NEMA plug
• Stainless steel catch tray, easy to remove for
• Low profile, ergonomic design
• ON/OFF switch
• Non-skid rubber feet
• One-year parts and labor
Optional/Additional Accessories
• Panini brush — wire brush for removal of food
  debris from cast iron grooved grill plates
• Panini scraper — stainless steel scraper for
  grooved sandwich grill plates (included)